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Where Do I Find a Mentor?!!!

The vision for Mentors and Masterminds was inspired by Peggy Vasquez’ webinar “Developing the Power of Your Inner Circle”, presented by Office Dynamics in May 2016 (CLICK HERE to watch the replay). During this session, one question came up over and over again: Where do I find a mentor?
It is our hope that MentorsAndMasterminds.com will become that place for YOU!

Where do I find a mentor?

The Vision for MentorsAndMasterminds.com

Administrative support presents one of the greatest areas of improvement opportunity in business today. Collectively, administrative professionals are generally well-educated and represent a vast body of networked institutional knowledge about how business is implemented, yet this knowledge base is largely ignored in the endeavor to solve short-term business pain. To leverage this knowledge base, we must learn to collaborate in new ways, not only for the benefit of the organizations we support, but to create new possibilities and define more rewarding career paths in the administrative professions as a whole.

As we change the way we see ourselves, we will change the way we are seen within the organizations we support. By sharing our successes and lessons learned, we can learn how to present ourselves as collegial associates making measurable contributions to the business bottom line, and create career opportunity based on the value we bring to our organizations – not just the rung of the corporate ladder on which our executives happen to stand

We help administrative professionals connect with each other and the power of their own stories to become the heroes of their own lives…and the mentors of future generations.

Tara E. Browne


Tara E. Browne is career administrative professional, trainer and speaker.  Her personal mission is creating art and experiences that awaken others to their creative potential, and helping them to manifest and celebrate that potential in ways that make our world a better place. In 2016, she founded MentorsAndMasterminds.com, a website dedicated exclusively to connecting current and former administrative professionals in ways that support this vision.

Find her on LinkedIn, or email her directly at tara@mentorsandmasterminds.com.

Connecting Administrative Professionals for Collaboration and Success

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