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Thanks again for visiting Mentors and Masterminds.com. On this Administrative Professionals Day, I’d like to take a moment to thank our members who are helping to build this community.

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To connect with lots of like-minded professionals to share success stories, get a fresh perspective and provide mutual support, select the “Co-Mentoring” option. You will get most of the benefits of a traditional Mentor/Protégé relationship, but without having to compete for the comparatively limited supply of senior mentors. A co-mentoring relationship is much easier to form, because even if someone doesn’t feel ready to be a mentor quite yet, most people are more than happy to be a sounding board and accountability partner to a peer – and gain those same benefits in return!


A Coaching relationship more closely fits the traditional Mentor/Protégé model, with the senior partner providing coaching in specific skills and strategies of the trade in addition to the kind of support described in the Co-Mentoring model above. If you are a senior administrative professional, consider sharing your wealth of knowledge and experience with other in a Coaching Mentor capacity. There is truly no reward like seeing a protégé grow and succeed!

Mastermind Groups

If two heads are better than one, then how about three…or four? Similar in nature to a Co-Mentoring relationship, but expanding upon it to tap the collective energy and insights of a group, Masterminds can become especially valuable resources for those who participate in them. One member’s project is often another’s inspiration! Join (or form) a powerhouse team of motivated peers, focused on big goals and committed to helping each other along the way.

Networking Groups

For some much-needed fun and laughter after a hard day’s work, what could be better than socializing with others who know the tribulations and triumphs of your job? Networking groups are a great way to get to know other administrative professionals in your area, and benefits can include connecting to new sources of information, having inside contacts for event planning or services, or even getting a lead on a great job opportunity. Starting one can be as simple as finding a good happy hour at a local restaurant, picking a date and emailing some friends.

Meet Our Members!

Meet Our Members!

Mentors and Masterminds is pleased to announce “Member Spotlight!”, a new blog feature that we hope will help our members get to know each other better, encourage new members to join, and make it easier for all to engage with our growing community of administrative professionals and experts at mentorsandmasterminds.com.

Our first member profile will be published next Wednesday, April 26, 2017 in honor of Administrative Professional’s Day.

We’d also love to feature your experiences and advice on mentoring and professional development here in our blog.  Email your ideas for future blog posts to tara@mentorsandmasterminds.com!


  • To be considered for this feature, please be sure to complete your full member profile using the profile edit page. Members with incomplete profiles will not be considered for this feature.
  • If you would prefer not to be included in this feature, please update your profile by selecting the “Please do NOT feature me in Member Spotlight” in the new “MEMBERS SPOTLIGHT” section at the bottom of the profile edit page. 
  • To access your profile edit page, cursor over your profile name at the upper right corner of any page on the site, then select “Profile” and “Edit” from the dropdown menus that appear. Be sure to save changes before closing out.

Introducing the Mentors and Masterminds Comentoring Quickstart Guide!

Introducing the Mentors and Masterminds Comentoring Quickstart Guide!

More often than not, it is a situation that does not meet our expectations that teaches us what we want and need; so it was for me and my introduction to mentoring. I expected mentoring to be rather like school tutoring: I would have a learning need, and my mentor would supply me with the necessary knowledge. What I found was much more complex – a give and take that has benefits for both the mentor and the protégé.  Peggy Vasquez, author of Not Just an Admin, describes it this way: “You’re not there to solve each other’s’ problems. You’re going to listen and collaborate and help each other discover your own solutions.”

When I first joined Toastmasters International in 2008, I was assigned a mentor from among the more experienced club members. As a “late bloomer” professionally, I had long struggled with many of the activities I was told would contribute to my career advancement: for instance, I knew that “getting a mentor” was important, but just how to find a mentor remained a mystery to me. When I found out I had been assigned a Toastmasters mentor, I was eager to jump right in!

Unfortunately, although my assigned mentor was considerate and encouraging, he was not a good match for my energy and drive. Whereas I was ready to meet from day one, to get guidance on meeting roles I was taking on and start planning my first speech, my mentor was distracted and hard to reach. Even after I initiated contact, he remained inaccessible, and had little to offer way of feedback or a plan for progress. After about two months of getting nowhere, I decided to request a new mentor, and I’m so glad that I did, because it led me to new relationships and opportunities I could never have imagined when first I set out on this road.

Co-Mentoring Quickstart Guide Overview

I created MentorsAndMasterminds.com to help make it easier for administrative professionals to find the mentoring we need to advance our careers and help elevate our profession. Now, I’m thrilled to introduce the Co-Mentoring Quickstart Guide as a map to forming productive professional mentoring relationships with the people you will meet there!

In the section titled Getting to Know You, I cover how to create a professional profile helps you to attract the best potential co-mentors to help with your professional goals. Once you have connected with a prospective mentor, it’s important that you get to know each other a on a more personal level, and critically examine your respective goals to see if there is a good fit. If the answer is yes, then you will want to agree upon objectives for the relationship, and define how you will work together. The section Roles and Responsibilities covers both roles and commitments of the mentoring partners, and addresses the memorialization of these commitments in a written agreement. In Following Through, we look at strategies you can use to ensure you get the most out of your partnership, and deliver the same to your co-mentor in return. Finally, the Appendix contains tools and resources you can use to put your mentoring plan into action.

Best of all, the Co-Mentoring Quickstart Guide is my gift to you when you claim your FREE membership at MentorsAndMasterminds.com!

Welcome to the #AdminNation.

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Make Your Profile Interesting, Not Empty!

Make Your Profile Interesting, Not Empty!

Great relationships start with mutual interest – so make sure your profile is interesting, not empty!

Just like on a dating site, a well-written profile at MentorsAndMasterminds.com will tell people you are serious about your professional results, and will make them curious to learn more about you!  By contrast, an incomplete profile may even discourage connections. Follow the steps below to complete your profile at MentorsAndMasterminds.com.

STEP 1: Navigate to the Members area using the link on the left side of the Home Page.


STEP 2: Navigate to your personal profile by clicking on your profile picture or  name

STEP 3: Select “Profile” from the Ribbon under your Cover Photo

NOTE: To update your Profile Picture or Cover Photo, click the camera icons in this view and follow onscreen instructions to change.

STEP 4: Click the orange boxes to complete the 4 profile areas.profile-screen-4

For an example of a completed profile, check out mine at http://mentorsandmasterminds.com/members/emmeranhawkes/profile/. We look forward to learning more about YOU!