Mentors & Masterminds Gets Real…

Calling all Administrative Professionals along the I-91 Business Corridor:

From Hartford, CT to Deerfield, MA, administrative professionals are supporting every manner of business in the area. But are we supporting ourselves? is proud to announce its first local meetup, the Connecticut River Valley Admin Network. Our goal is to help administrative professionals connect in mutually supportive relationships to advance their careers and elevate the profession through training and social networking events.

On Administrative Professionals Day 2017, Mentors & Masterminds launched its first ever on-the-ground networking group via, the Connecticut River Valley Admin Network, and tomorrow (May 24th), we will hold our first networking event at The Foundry in Northampton, MA (CLICK HERE TO RSVP for this and future events).

Two weeks later, we sponsored the Greater Charlotte Admin Network meetup for Joan Haessler in the Charlotte, NC area, and that group already has almost 20 members, with no promotion apart from announcement within the Meetup forum.  Check it out here: 

Plainly Administrative Professionals are hungry for real-life connections and professional support! If you’d like to start a Meetup in your area but aren’t sure how to get going, I’d be happy to share what I know: email me at, or connect with me on LinkedIn at .

Welcome to Mentors & Masterminds: The Admin Network

Thanks again for visiting Mentors and On this Administrative Professionals Day, I’d like to take a moment to thank our members who are helping to build this community.

If you’re not yet a member, why not consider joining (it’s free!) and engaging with our members in one or more of the following ways?


To connect with lots of like-minded professionals to share success stories, get a fresh perspective and provide mutual support, select the “Co-Mentoring” option. You will get most of the benefits of a traditional Mentor/Protégé relationship, but without having to compete for the comparatively limited supply of senior mentors. A co-mentoring relationship is much easier to form, because even if someone doesn’t feel ready to be a mentor quite yet, most people are more than happy to be a sounding board and accountability partner to a peer – and gain those same benefits in return!


A Coaching relationship more closely fits the traditional Mentor/Protégé model, with the senior partner providing coaching in specific skills and strategies of the trade in addition to the kind of support described in the Co-Mentoring model above. If you are a senior administrative professional, consider sharing your wealth of knowledge and experience with other in a Coaching Mentor capacity. There is truly no reward like seeing a protégé grow and succeed!

Mastermind Groups

If two heads are better than one, then how about three…or four? Similar in nature to a Co-Mentoring relationship, but expanding upon it to tap the collective energy and insights of a group, Masterminds can become especially valuable resources for those who participate in them. One member’s project is often another’s inspiration! Join (or form) a powerhouse team of motivated peers, focused on big goals and committed to helping each other along the way.

Networking Groups

For some much-needed fun and laughter after a hard day’s work, what could be better than socializing with others who know the tribulations and triumphs of your job? Networking groups are a great way to get to know other administrative professionals in your area, and benefits can include connecting to new sources of information, having inside contacts for event planning or services, or even getting a lead on a great job opportunity. Starting one can be as simple as finding a good happy hour at a local restaurant, picking a date and emailing some friends.

Supporting Colleagues in Difficult Times


My employer has announced it will be laying off up to 300 employees within the month.

This kind of uncertainty takes a huge toll, both for individual employees and for the organization as a whole. I’m amazed and inspired to see how many among us are bearing it with grace and compassion, if not without fear. Whether we personally stay or go, it’s going to be hard either way when “the announcements” are made.

The truth is, though, that the days of relying on employer to get us through a lifetime of work have been vanishing for decades. Personal creativity is more important than ever. Unfortunately, employment itself is so demanding that it leaves little time or energy to cultivate our true passions; and so few are given the encouragement and means to cultivate their creativity. It can make facing a situation like this truly frightening.

My own situation has taught me a lot about uncertainty in the last few years, so I’m probably in a better place mentally than many. I’m trying to focus on ways to inspire curiosity about what opportunities may arise, and maybe even serve as a kind of creativity consultant / life reset resource for friends and colleagues.

One of my favorite practices is to take note of what people do well – whether it’s related to their job description or not – and compliment them on it. Where I can, I try to suggest how it might even meet a need in our community, and open up new avenues of possibility for them!

As an administrative professional, I touch so many people’s work. I impact morale every day, either by decision or by default. It is my choice to be a force for good. Eloquence is a great asset in this, but it’s not everything. People always sense when someone cares, so the intent is far more important than the form of the words.

For those of you who, like me, are in uncertain times, my ask of you today is this: spread hope where you can.

Please share your ideas and thoughts for how we can support and encourage each other in the comments below.