Group Name

If possible, please indicate the city or geographical region served in your group name to help members easily identify group options accessible to them.
Group Purpose

Is it a Networking Group or a Mastermind Group? Other?
Is there a special area of focus?
Membership Requirements*

Are there membership prerequisites (e.g. c-suite assistants only)?
Is there a membership fee?
Is the group membership level unlimited, or do space or objectives make a membership limit necessary?
If the group membership limit has been reached, is there a waitlist option?
Membership Application, if any.
Meeting Format and Location Details

For groups that meet in person, this could be a specific recurring meeting location, or for groups that frequently change venues, it could be the nearest major city or geographical area.
For virtual groups, please provide a URL.
Group Contact Information

As applicable, please provide:

URL for group website, Facebook page etc.
Email and/or phone # for more information