Meet Jomarie Ramirez

Today’s Member Spotlight features Jomarie Ramirez, a bilingual staff assistant whom I met in 2014 through our mutual membership in Baystate Toastmasters. Shortly after our club was chartered, she accepted the challenge of serving as Club President when our first club president had to step down from the role. Since then, Jomarie has continued to invest in developing her communication and leadership skills.

If you should ever find yourself in Springfield, MA on Three Kings Day, be sure to check out the annual celebration she organizes! You might also want to ask her about the world’s longest holiday…

Jomarie Ramirez, Staff Assistant

Experience: 11+ Years in Administrative Support
Greatest Professional Strengths: Multi-tasking, ability to work with different groups, cultures, personalities of people, creativity.
Current Professional Priorities: Career change and growth. Opportunity to put my degree to use.
Interested In: Peer Mentoring, Find A Coaching Mentor, Join a Mastermind.
Meeting Preferences: Face to Face, Online or Teleconference, Industry Events.
Location: Springfield, MA, United States of America

Where I’m From

I was born and raised in Puerto Rico, and lived there until graduating from the University of Puerto Rico with a BBA in Office Systems Administration. I worked for a food company until I moved to Massachusetts. I am fully bilingual in Spanish and English, and in 2016 I became a Certified Healthcare Interpreter with CCHI.

Since moving to Massachusetts, I have worked in the manufacturing industry (Dielectrics, Inc.) and healthcare services (Habit OPCO, Baystate ADS Sloan Clinic). I currently work for Baystate Brightwood Health Center as a Staff Assistant, and in this role I wear many hats, including: project coordinator, payroll processor, schedule manager, and general office administrator.

Where I’m At

I am currently seeking career growth in a position where I can contribute my knowledge, educational background, and experiences, both professionally and culturally. What brought me to Mentors and Masterminds is the desire to connect with a mentor who can help me make the transition to a new field and working in a new environment/state.

I am a very creative person, and I would especially like to start working in a career where I can combine my knowledge in office administration and my creativity.

Where I’m Headed

My goal is to have a career where I could combine many of the things that I’m passionate about: helping others, sharing knowledge, continuous learning, travel, creativity, culture, photography and food. My dream job would be with The Travel Channel, or a job related to culture, traveling, sharing information about situations around the world.

What I’m Most Passionate About

I’m passionate about my culture. I’m extremely proud to be a Puerto Rican woman and I love sharing information about our history and culture. My current hobbies are photography and making glass lamps from wine bottles. I enjoy re-purposing items that otherwise would end up in the trash.

If you are a member of Mentors and Masterminds, be sure to drop by Jomarie’s profile page HERE and leave her a message. If you are a current or former administrative professional and would like to join our community and connect with Jomarie, click HERE to register!

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