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Anne Hann

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Executive Assistant to the Senior Pastor of Wooddale Church and to the Executive/Campus Pastor

Years in Administrative Support Profession(s)

6 – 10

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Current Priority for Professional Development

On-boarding procedure

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Peer Mentoring, Find a Coaching Mentor

Meeting & Communication Preferences (Check All That Apply)

Face to Face, Online or Teleconference, Industry Events


United States

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Eden Prairie, MN

Where I'm From

Executive assistant who is highly organized, has a gift for attention to detail and is able to manage multiple tasks at a time.Consistency, discipline, connectedness, harmony and empathy are my signature themes(StrengthsFinder).My goal is to strengthen the organization I work for (currently Wooddale Church) and to always glorify God in my work.

Where I'm At

I am always looking for ways to be better at what I do.

What I'm Most Passionate About

Making more disciples for Jesus.


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Connecting Administrative Professionals for Collaboration and Success

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