Brenda Hinau

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Brenda Hinau

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Lead Executive Assistant

Years in Administrative Support Profession(s)


Greatest Professional Strength / Talent

Passionate about internal administrative networks.

Current Priority for Professional Development

Strengthen my training skills

Opportunities I Am Open To (Check All That Apply)

Peer Mentoring, Join a Mastermind, Local Networking

Meeting & Communication Preferences (Check All That Apply)

Face to Face, Online or Teleconference, Industry Events


United States

Primary City & State/Province

Portland, Oregon

Other City & State/Province

Boston, MA; Atlanta, GA; St. Paul, MN; Spokane, WA; Seattle, WA

Where I'm From

As a career EA I’ve worn numerous hats and enjoyed every one. Along the path I’ve worked with some fantastic people who have taught me lessons along the way. One of my core strengths is learning and I believe everyone can teach me something.

Where I'm At

A passion for partnering with leaders is a must have for success in this role but I’m equally passionate about supporting others in this role. Building collaborative administrative teams in support of leaders and the organization is where my heart is too.

Where I'm Headed

My goal is to continue to raise awareness of the diverse skills and value administrative professionals bring to any organization.

What I'm Most Passionate About

Family always has been and always will be #1 in my life.

Connecting Administrative Professionals for Collaboration and Success

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