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Tara Browne

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Executive Assistant, Process Improvement

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Continuous Improvement & Peer Mentoring

Current Priority for Professional Development

Productivity for Administrative Professionals; Integrating Creativity With Work

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Peer Mentoring, Join a Mastermind, Lead a Mastermind, Local Networking

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Face to Face, Industry Events


United States

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Springfield, MA

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Hartford, CT; Worcester MA

Where I'm From

I started as an administrative professional before I even had an administrative job. Shortly after high school, at one of my earliest jobs as a waitress, I wrote a full policy and procedures manual for the health spa where I worked at the time. Halfway through college, I took my first administrative job as a temp for Beth Israel Deaconess hospital. Prior to my current position, I worked at Mattel in their Entertainment Productions department, helping to grow it from one small group with a few Barbie VHS releases to its name to a major business strategy for multiple flagship brands. When I left the company, they replaced me with an entire finance support team 🙂

Where I'm At

I created MentorsAndMasterminds.com because I heard so many professionals asking the same question that has plagued me throughout my career: how do I find a mentor?!  I hope that this site will become a vibrant community that grows organically from its members stories and experiences, while adding value by being responsive to the needs that become apparent from our interactions and member feedback.

Where I'm Headed

At Baystate Health, my current goals include the completion of a comprehensive responsibilities and procedures manual for my role, and contribution to the same at an organizational level. I am also creating a communications team to support a top-level organizational goal, and creating SharePoint site administrator training for that team and site user training for the larger group we will support.

My plan for MentorsAndMasterminds.com is to grow the community and develop a library of educational content to help members grow as mentors and collaborators.  Members who would like to contribute are welcome to email me directly at tara@mentorsandmasterminds.com.

What I'm Most Passionate About

We each have a unique story to tell. My life mission is to create art and experiences that enable others to realize the creative potential of their stories, and help them to manifest that potential and celebrate it in ways that make our world more beautiful, loving, joyful and abundant.

Connecting Administrative Professionals for Collaboration and Success

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