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My entire career has been within the administrative profession. I had the opportunity to begin my work as an office temporary for OfficeTeam and I worked in all sorts offices. From large companies to  small, located in the downtown metro area and many miles outside of town, very formal and professional office high-rise to a casual office that was in the backroom of someone’s home – any nearly everything in-between. I was able to really see a variety of environments and determine which best suited me. I was working in the administrative capacity within each organization and it was similar work, but the environment and fit felt different at each office. I found my home in downtown Omaha at First National Merchant Solutions in 2000 and had a fulfilling career, joined the CORE group of administrative professionals committee, participated in my local IAAP chapter and found I enjoyed participating in the large corporate wellness and community events in a volunteer capacity, such as Take Your Child to Work Day and our annual fall trip to the pumpkin patch.

Several years later, I met Joan Burge via her training programs and I realized a new level of administrative support. The concept that this is a career of choice clicked with me and I began to operate with a new-found passion for my profession and found myself accelerating an incredible pace. It wasn’t much longer and I found myself asking my spouse what he thought of the idea of moving to Vegas so that I could work with my new mentor. He must have had a rough day at work, because his one-word answer back to me was “sure.”


That was all the commitment I needed from him. I applied for the open position to work with Joan Burge, a champion for the administrative profession long before she founded her company, Office Dynamics in 1990. Joan had been in the trenches of the profession for 20 years. She has dedicated her life to equipping administrative professionals with the skills they need to do the best they could and I found it absolutely inspiring. As they say, the rest is history. We moved to Nevada from Council Bluffs, Iowa in 2006 and we’ve been here ever since. I had the opportunity to work with Joan for ten years and during that time I continued to accelerate within my position from her executive assistant to vice president. There is so much I could share about my time with Joan as it heavily influenced my career and direction in life.

In early 2017, I announced that I was moving on and rejoining the ranks of the administrative profession. I began working with the City of Las Vegas in their Department of Public Safety on January 30. My new position is an entirely new journey. I’m directly supporting the Chief of Public Safety and in addition to the duties of directly supporting her, a lot of my day includes organizational health events and involvement for our department of nearly 400 individuals. The challenge of being completely new is a welcome one and I’m excited to continue to keep working at learning new things each and every day.

It’s safe to say that I’ve taken a few big risks throughout my career journey. Through those changes, I’ve learned that it’s important to be in tune to your surroundings as well as your self; to be okay with letting go, even when it’s hard; and to show up 100% and do your best.

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