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Current / Most Recent Job Title

Staff Assistant

Years in Administrative Support Profession(s)


Greatest Professional Strength / Talent

Multi-tasking, ability to work with different groups/cultures/personalities of people, creativity

Current Priority for Professional Development

Career change and growth. Opportunity to put my degree in use.

Opportunities I Am Open To (Check All That Apply)

Peer Mentoring, Find a Coaching Mentor, Join a Mastermind

Meeting & Communication Preferences (Check All That Apply)

Face to Face, Online or Teleconference, Industry Events


United States

Primary City & State/Province

Springfield, MA

Other City & State/Province

Orlando, Ft. Lauderdale, Miami – Florida

Where I'm From

Born and raised in Puerto Rico. Fully bilingual, Spanish and English. Lived there until graduating from the University of Puerto Rico with a BBA in Office Systems Administration. Worked for a food company until I moved to Massachusetts.

In Massachusetts I worked for different industries: manufacturing company (Dielectrics, Inc.), healthcare services (Habit OPCO, Baystate ADS Sloan Clinic).

Currently working for Baystate Brightwood Health Center as a Staff Assistant. Doing a lot of many things: coordinator, payroll, meetings scheduler, monitoring every day office functionality.

Where I'm At

Currently seeking for career growth in a position where I can contribute my knowledge, educational background, and experiences, both professionally and culturally.

What brought me here, and hoping to find, is a mentor that can help me make the transition to a new field and working in a new environment/state.

I am a very creative person and would like to start working on a career where I can combine my knowledge in office administration and my creative mind.

Where I'm Headed

My goal is to have a career where I could combine as many of things that I’m passionate about: helping others, share knowledge, learning travel, creativity, culture, photography and food.

My dream job would be with The Travel Channel, or a job related to culture, traveling, sharing information about situations around the world.

What I'm Most Passionate About

I’m passionate about my culture. I’m extremely proud to be a Puerto Rican woman and I love sharing information about our history and culture.

My current hobbies are photography and making glass lamps from wine bottles. I enjoy re-purposing items that otherwise would end up in the trash.

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