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Joyce Wenger

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Office Overhead Program and Administrative Manager

Years in Administrative Support Profession(s)


Greatest Professional Strength / Talent

People & Team Building. High Intuitive Nature, MBTI ENFP, StrengthsFinder: Futuristic, Strategic, Restorative, Individualization and Ideation.

Current Priority for Professional Development

I love people and ideas. I can see potential in others sometimes before they see it themselves. I love building teams to accomplish tasks that seem impossible but together as a team – organize – set the plan and get it done!

Opportunities I Am Open To (Check All That Apply)

Peer Mentoring, Be A Coaching Mentor, Lead a Mastermind, Local Networking

Meeting & Communication Preferences (Check All That Apply)

Face to Face, Online or Teleconference, Industry Events



Primary City & State/Province

Raleigh, NC

Where I'm From

Would love to connect with other local professionals.  I travel all across the states, but mainly New York, Chicago, Atlanta, Denver.  I am originally from the Hudson Valley, NY and love going back to visit!

Where I'm At

I have had a long time in the Administrative field and I think that it was a natural fit for me, since my Mom was also very Administrative as well.  (Is there such thing as the Administrative gene?  Maybe so!)  I had many different jobs before starting my career in Administration – McDonalds, a local Delicatessen, Retail and Banking.  I’ve worked for Non-Profit, Small Business, R&D firms and also a Fortune 500 company as well.  In the Administrative field, I started out as a Receptionist then Secretary, Executive Assistant and now am an Administrative Manager for a Global Consultant Firm managing approx. 70 staff nationally.  I enjoy what I do and have an insatiable quest for knowledge &  learning – which I think is part of what has brought me to where I am currently on my life journey.  (Life and people are so interesting!  Everyone has their own interesting life story!)

Where I'm Headed

I found Tara on LinkedIn through reading an article.  I reached out by messaging her and asking her to connect.  I am excited about her mission/vision.  What I hope to find here are ways to synergize with Tara (and others globally) on ways to grow & help bring about the realization of the greater mission of Mentors and Masterminds.

What I'm Most Passionate About

I’m most passionate about helping others live out / become all that they are made to be – living their authentic selves (with their unique talents/strengths) and helping them to connect with others in order to make their impact & difference in the world.

Connecting Administrative Professionals for Collaboration and Success

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