Regina Cobb

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Regina Cobb

Current / Most Recent Job Title

Executive Administrative Assistant

Years in Administrative Support Profession(s)


Greatest Professional Strength / Talent

I genuinely want to help, and I'm in a position to make things happen.

Current Priority for Professional Development

Getting better with technology; I'm what is called a technology immigrant

Opportunities I Am Open To (Check All That Apply)

Peer Mentoring, Be A Coaching Mentor

Meeting & Communication Preferences (Check All That Apply)

Online or Teleconference


United States

Primary City & State/Province

Wilmington NC

Other City & State/Province

Raleigh NC

Where I'm From

Administrative work is my second career. I was a travel agent in So CA for almost 30 years, and loved every minute of it. Thanks to a kind and loyal client, I made the transition into the realm of executive administration, and after 15 years, I’m very much enjoying this career too. It seems like a natural fit.

Where I'm At

I’m drawn to some of the comments and advice offered from this site; I find it helpful and agreeable. Since I am a true ISTJ, on the Myers Briggs scale, I’m not sure how much I will offer, but I will listen. I hope to share and model some of this sound advice.

Where I'm Headed

I have few years left in my career to do a fantastic job and go out sitting pretty! While I no longer have the energy and drive of my much younger peers, there are still some things I mean to accomplish. When I end my career, I hope to dedicate my free time to helping veterans and their families.

What I'm Most Passionate About

Good hospitality and assistance  is so important to me. Everyone who leaves my office needs to feel that they were helped or will be helped.

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