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Administrative Sparkle

An Especially Great Site for Administrative Entrepreneurs. In the words of founder, Layne Tinsley:

The intentions of Administrative Sparkle are simple – to inspire, teach, coach, and empower women professionals to grow, lead, and embrace their unique talents to improve the world and the workplace. We help businesses by providing reliable, professional, and experienced administration knowledge and expertise.

Audacious Admin

Attitude, Attitude, Attitude! Debbi Shaffer’s Audacious Admin Will Pump Up Your Professional Mojo. In her own words:

The Audacious Admin is Debbi Shaffer, an award-winning EA with 20+ years of experience. Debbi shares resources on her blog and social media sites to enable all administrative professionals to be AUDACIOUS!

Executive Secretary Magazine

So much more than a magazine…Executive Secretary brings together established and rising stars of the Admin World for a bi-monthly print magazine and fabulous online community.  Tune in to the Twubs Twitter feed every Thursday for #AdminChat, as well! Here’s what they have to say about their (AMAZING!) CEO, Lucy Brazier:

Lucy Brazier is one of the world’s leading authorities on the administrative profession. As CEO of Marcham Publishing, specialist publishers of Executive Secretary Magazine – a global training magazine dedicated to the professional development needs of senior and aspiring administrative professionals – Lucy works with the best trainers of Executive Assistants from around the world to deliver the most up to date and current training in the market.

International Association of Administrative Professionals (IAAP)

Established in 1952, IAAP is one of the longest-standing professional association for administrative professionals, and is more relevant today than ever. In their own words:

|AAP is dedicated to helping office and administrative professionals advance their career in a demanding and ever-changing business environment. From specialized online and offline training programs, to valuable networking and industry leading events, they provide the knowledge, skills, and insights that build toward job advancement, success, and recognition.

Office Dynamics International

A Leader in the Admin Training Industry, with an Emphasis on Maximizing Executive & Assistant Partnership. In their own words:

Since 1990, Office Dynamics International has been the global industry leader in the development and presentation of sophisticated executive and administrative assistant training, coaching and resources. They offer a broad range of solutions that create behavior change and produce sustainable results.

Office Ninjas

Follow Office Ninjas to hear about the latest Admingling networking events scheduled for your area. These events are affordable, valuable and fun, and you will meet some great people! In their own words:

OfficeNinjas® brings recognition and breathes fun energy to the administrative profession by supporting a growing community of executive assistants, office managers, operations pros, and admins from around the globe. We provide “Ninjas” tech resources, educational content, hand-picked vendor recommendations, and modern in-person events.

Peggy Vasquez

I am often struck by how encouraging and welcoming the best trainers in our profession truly are, and Peggy is the epitome of these qualities. I had the chance to both hear her speak and briefly meet her at Office Dynamics’ 2016 conference, “The Revolutionary Assistant”, and her #AdminNation vision is one I share! In her own words:

Peggy Vasquez is an author and motivational speaker. Peggy’s mission statement is to help others succeed and that is exactly what she has done for others and can do for you! She’ll empower you by sharing her knowledge and experience, entertain you with humor and inspire you through passion. She began her career as a receptionist, and continued to work through the various administrative roles before reaching the top level, a Chief Executive Assistant. Working side by side top executives provided her the opportunity to gain a tremendous amount of knowledge, experience and honed her strength and skill set.  Peggy’s strengths are:  developing powerful partnerships, interviewing, image, networking, leadership, mentoring and global social skills and interpersonal skills including: communication, real-time feedback, tact, diplomacy and business etiquette..

Tips for Assistants

An all-around awesome site for tricks of the admin trade. In her words:

As assistants we constantly have anything and everything thrown at us, so we must prepare ourselves by having the best tools to call upon at a moment’s notice. This site is designed to give you the advice and resources to help you to perform at the highest level.

Executive Thinking

I am a big believer that administrative professionals have as much to learn from executive thought leaders as from professionals in our own disciplines.  Here are a few of my very favorites:

Human Workplace

When my mojo was at its lowest, Liz Ryan’s inspiration gave me the boost I needed to keep going every day.  I still rely on her awesome sauce to inspire me to plan for what comes next! In her words:

The Human Workplace is a publishing firm, a think tank and a coaching and consulting business. The Human Workplace is also an idea, a mindset and a set of practices for employers, educators, entrepreneurs, career coaches and developers, HR folks, students and other leaders. Human Workplace CEO and Founder Liz Ryan was a corporate HR VP forever. Even before that, she was (and still is) a professional opera singer. Writing, speaking around the world, consulting with employers and teaching HR people, corporate leaders and job-seekers how to navigate in the new-millennium workplace, Liz conceived the idea of bringing humanity back into the workplace, loosening the left brain’s stranglehold on business and reinventing work for people.

Management Mentors

This site is a phenomenal resource for articles and inspiration on your own mentoring practice. In their own words:
In today’s ultra-competitive workforce, your business can’t afford NOT to have a business mentoring program. After all, the skills of your company’s executives and employees are your most valuable assets. Corporate mentoring programs provide a means of cultivating those skills throughout your organization. This translates into talent retention (instead of turnover), happier employees and management, and a healthier bottom line (among other things!).

Michael Hyatt

I can’t really improve on what Mr. Hyatt says himself. In his own words:

We help overwhelmed high achievers get the clarity, confidence, and tools they need to win at work and succeed at life. If you want to stop drifting and start designing your life, you are in the right place. Welcome!


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