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Mary Berard, Realistic Solutions MR

Today’s Admin Trailblazer features Mary Berard, an administrative entrepreneur specializing in medical billing, collections and credentialing. As an award-winning business owner who has recouped millions of dollars for her clients, Mary is a tremendous role model for those who seek to articulate the actual and potential value of administrative expertise.

What was your first experience in an administrative support role, and why did you choose to take that opportunity?

My first experience in an administrative support role was in 1994 as a Clerk in a nursing home. I took this role because I had just completed college and was asked by the administrator to work both the office and CNA in the same facility.

When did you first decide you wanted more out of your administrative career, and what did you decide to do about it? How did this lead you to where you are today?

I decided I wanted more out of my career when I was working with Worcester Fights Back, Friendly House as a Board Member, and Low Income United Inc. What did I decide to do about it? I went to college and earned a degree in Medical Office Services. This lead me into opening my own medical billing company, which I have operated and grown successfully for the last six years.

In pursuing this new endeavor, what was your greatest setback, faceplant or challenge, and how did you overcome it?

In opening my company the setback was trying to open the doors with no financial backing or money in the bank. The biggest challenge was overcoming others’ opinion of my failure before it happened. My company is going strong and is well-known nationwide. With over 25 years of experience in medical billing and making 1.8 billion dollars for medical providers, I received an award for Woman of Excellence in Dedication and Perseverance. I was also recognized as a Strathmore Professional of the Year in 2017, and included in the Library of Congress.

What mentors have you had, and how have they helped you to get where you are?

Some of the greatest mentors were my employer and colleagues, especially Michael Mikitarian and David Kession. Both of these men are outstanding and compassionate. They have each taken the time to help with any questions that I have, with side-by-side mentorship.  

What’s the funniest story you experienced on your path to success?

The funniest story that I have experienced on to my path to success is that when I say that I have made fourteen hundred thousand dollars for seven medical providers in ninety days, the providers all have an expression of incredulity. Then they ask, “So, can you do that for me?”. My answer is, “Yes!”

What advice would you give to other admins considering following this path for career advancement?

Believe in yourself even when others do not believe in you and you will be very successful.


Ms. Berard is the founder and CEO of Realistic Solutions MR, a Western Massachusetts-based firm specializing in medical billing and collection projects, as well as providing credentialing services for private practices, hospitals, home health agencies nursing homes, fitness and wellness centers and pharmacies nationwide. Mary is a 2017 recipient of the Strathmore’s Who’s Who Worldwide Professional of the Year award.

Website: http://www.realisticsolutionsmr.org/home.html.

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